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Mahdi Hello
susanhopelesspr hello
AfterlifePrepper hi room
AfterlifePrepper I guess I am alone here
AfterlifePrepper smiley
AfterlifePrepper I believe our soul attracts situations into our lives that will cause an unfinished, or stuck emotion in us that it wants us to finish and release
AfterlifePrepper but we are taught, in no uncertain terms, that emotion is something we must manage.
AfterlifePrepper we then become experts at minimumizing, or modifying, or denying and avoiding our True feelings, on a regular basis
AfterlifePrepper we end up with many layers of unfinished, deflected and even ignored emotion stacking up inside us that our soul knows about and will not let go of
AfterlifePrepper the backlog becomes so great that we actually become terrified of it within ourselves, and begin living in facade to ourselves
AfterlifePrepper we then just flit from one activity to another, keeping busy so we don't have to deal with this terror within us
AfterlifePrepper but our soul in in charge of the situations and circumstances that it attracts to us, in order to break up the logjam of unaddressed emotion it must live with
AfterlifePrepper we can pretend everything is alright, and distract ourselves constantly, but our soul cannot
AfterlifePrepper so, over and over, in our lives we end up attracting the same things that will trigger emotions in us that the soul wants released
AfterlifePrepper each time we deny the emotion, the soul will increase the severity or amplitude of the next circumstance to again bring our attention to the denied emotion
AfterlifePrepper each time we deny it, we make it worse
AfterlifePrepper this is how I view the law of attraction actually operates in our soul
Joe E Drake very true. i went through my transition a few months ago. very freeing i must say.
Joe E Drake hi πŸ™‹
lucy100 hello im new
Cam Hello guys
Cam *** pigs
Cam i got charged for something stupid lol
lalaine I need help if what am going to do is reacting or responding
lalaine I need to talk my boyfriends mom personally, since they have set up engagement to their son because of small mistake
UniverseInMe hello im new here :D
UniverseInMe I really need someone's advice
candymett hello
Betancourt Hey everyone im also new here and I need advice please help
Kiara$ Cant we have private one to one chat?
gabbya is anyone online?
bobbi smith i don't know if i am in the right place or not it's there a lawyer i can talk to
bobbi smith I'm in need of legal advice can anyone help
teresa111 is there anyone here
mattjay Nobody online?
mattjay Check out my new youtube channel guys and my most recent video on loa
NeoRainbow Hi?
sri9 any1 der
anis hello
Rosemarry Can anybody help with child custody
Rosemarry Can anybody help with child custody
Rosemarry Neo you need help with what? Let's see if we can help each other
Rosemarry How long does it take for the to file if you mail the forms to them
Emma hell
Emma *hello :D
Emma have a question about LOA
Emma so i want to manifest a certain necklace with a new zealand pendant because this is my last week of traveling this beautiful country... have a time limit though and need the necklace within the week so i'm scared that it wont manifest in time and i am considering simply buying one because it needs to be from new zealand and i am only here for the week
Emma i know that doubt probably wont make it manifest faster but i cant help but feel the time presshre
Rosemarry Hmm who you should ask them how long would take manifest it I would both if I could
Rosemarry This way if it takes to long to manifest the way you they should be able to mail it to
Rosemarry Does that help you Emma
Rosemarry Well I know some law but a lot I mostly ask my husband for mostly illegal stuff in stuff case he won't help me
Rosemarry Hello
Tasha23xx Hello
GRANPINTO no one in here?
Charlotte Emily Hello
Carlo19 Hey
Carlo19 Nobody's here damn it
daiisyv77 ???
Carlo19 Hey
Carlo19 How can I help u daiisyv77
daiisyv77 CARLO19??
coriice Hello
Samiha hi everyone
idk... no one here?
idk... wtf!
idk... *** this chat room...
peter b hello
Julie Ann Vacca I would like to talk to an Attorney about a Family Matter
jagdish helo
jagdish Dear Sir,
jamna hi! anyone here?
yankuba hello
yankuba how are you i need friend
BeYu Anyone new to Abraham Hicks?
NicoleAmy Nobody in this chat room
NicoleAmy Oh well....
kbrom i need friend so badly. is zer anyone?
dakota i need help
js16 help
azizah hello anyone
azizah what
amanda001 hello
sid1994 anyone here
sid1994 I guess no one
sharebear am i the only one here
sharebear lol
sharebear hello
Evie Mae Hello :)
aivles hello
Enrique Alcala Hey
FunnyCop If instead of having either positive or negative expectations, I have no expectations at all. Does this break the law and allow everything inmy life to remain the same or would my life be completely erratic?
FunnyCop If I have no desires, would I get nothing or random things?
FunnyCop Perhaps if by having no desires and expectations, everything and everyone is attracted to me because all of my expectations and desires are fulfilled.
FunnyCop Or maybe everything and everyone is negatively attracted to me because I have nothing.
FunnyCop I think, rather, that I would attract peace and tranquility in the place of change.
FunnyCop So, by having no expectations and desires, would I really then be expecting and desiring peace and tranquility; would I desire a state of no change?
FunnyCop By desiring and expecting peace and tranquility I would be desiring and expecting a change from the normal state of things
FunnyCop But peace and tranquility in this sense in a time with no change.
FunnyCop By wanting no change, I want a change, thus, creating an endless loop of contrasting wants and expectations.
FunnyCop Is this then the heart of the Law of Attraction?
FunnyCop Through people who want for nothing and expect no change, do we create a chain of people gaining their peace and tranquility?
FunnyCop People seem to be the richest when they have no desires or expectations, could this actually be the third side of the law?
Joy In reply to FunnyCop, I think they have desires and expectations, but the reason we don't think they do is that they're not constantly talking or thinking about them. They let it go and do other things with their lives. Just like you wouldn't be standing by the door and keep checking for the delivery guy to show up, no matter how hungry you are for the food you ordered. You'd be excited about it, and go do something till the bell rings.
Kasia nice example Joy
Kasia Actually I expected huge amount of people here...but there's nobody excluding me :P did I attract it??? :D
Emile hi any one out there
Emile hello !!!!
Emile :smile:
gadai pramanik hello
gadai pramanik hello
marolina can someone please help me
marolina hello
Chrisstiine Hi all
Evie I can help anyone who needs it :)
Evie if you need help with the law of attraction, feel free to ask me a question on my tumblr blog via the questions page.. you can ask anonymously too :)
ADF Hello
ADF hello
mahavir i have some questions regardingloa
mahavir loa
Fhenning09 anyone on?
ADF hello
ADF hello
Rachelle Hi new student to the loa could use a teacher
Adoration Key Oh, is this where you type?
Adoration Key That is funny. The typing bar is so low on my iPad you can't see it.
Adoration Key I think I will talk to myself. Hi self!
Adoration Key Hi you! What are you up to?
Adoration Key I'm sitting at a coffee shop enjoying a chi tea. The AC is wonderful! It's hot today.
Adoration Key How weird is this?! So am I! 😊
Adoration Key You sound like a kind, thoughtful, sweet person. Oh and funny, am I right?
Adoration Key Wow! Did you hit the nail on the head. That's me alright. Your intuition is uncanny.
Adoration Key And I could be wrong, but did I just catch a whif of swagger colone from old spice?
Adoration Key Yes you did!! 😊 That's an impressive nose you have.
Adoration Key I thought so. πŸ˜„
Adoration Key How were you able to smell that over the Internet?
Adoration Key I accessed the zero point field.
Adoration Key Oh. That's cool!
Adoration Key Do you suppose if someone else joins our chat their name will appear to the right?
Adoration Key I think that's how it works. This is my first time here.
Adoration Key Mine too! πŸ˜€
Adoration Key I am surprised there are not more people here. When was this site created?
Adoration Key What you focus on expands.
Adoration Key Here are some quotes pertaining to the law of attraction that I have memorized. I will start with my favorite.
Adoration Key Well everyone is thinking about something, and most of us are thinking kind of unconsciously, we're not really paying attention to her thoughts are thoughts and as a result of our thoughts
Adoration Key Oops. Attention to out thoughts, and as a result of our thoughts are influencing what we see in the world, how we act in the world, and our decisions. Our thoughts actually emerge because of our value system, and they influence the way we think and act.
Adoration Key So the law of attraction is basically that whatever we consciously concentrate our thoughts on, we increase the probability of seeing in our environment
Adoration Key Things that can support it, and start taking actions on our environment to assist it, and we start to become synchronice with those, and start to bring into our
Adoration Key lives because of those, the reality of what it is that we think about. Yes, thinking consciously and becoming present with all the opportunities that are around
Adoration Key us that we don't normally see. By taking consciously effort to focus on what we really love, then what happens is we start to see all the things that can help us
Adoration Key fulfill that, and we tend to take actions on those. If we don't think about it were just reacting as automatons to our environment, instead of taking command
Adoration Key of our awareness, and of our actions. (Dr. John F. Demartini)
Adoration Key Do you ever feel like you're the only member of a members only club? πŸ˜‰
Mateus Matos lol
Mateus Matos ...
Mateus Matos lol
Mateus Matos hello
Mateus Matos hello ?
Mateus Matos hello ???
Adoration Key Sorry I missed you Mateus.
Adoration Key Sorry I missed you Mateus.
raditya anggara yess
raditya anggara :smile: :wink: :blink:
hasna hello
hasna Hi my name is hasna and I would like to know about this site because i do not understand whether it is a chatting site where people talk to each other like any chat rooms or it is where people advice each other and share knowledge about legal work
Stephani Hello! Look what I manifested! :)
Stephani So neat to find a chat room that is focused on LOA
Adoration Key Hello Stephani! I will come back some time tomarrow evening. :smile:
Derts Hello
Adoration Key I'm really suprised this site is not more busy. I honestly have no one in my life I can talk about the law of attraction with. Especially channeled information by Esther.
diamond kev I have a money question. Who can help?
Veronicaj I have plenty of people in my life but not many care or want to understand the law. I'll talk with you.
Veronicaj Hey diamond, whats your question?
Adoration Key Hello Verronicaj. It's amazing how I never seem to be here when other people are on.
annamaria singer how funny
annamaria singer yay happy night sleeping night good bed soft sheets feels good
shabnam hey I wanted some advice on relationship
Mint Hello
Mint Is there any lawyer
gunjan is there anyone ?
Ritwik vyas Anyone there
shawn booker hi im shawn need ask a qustion .... can some1 assit
shawn booker i hve a freind thats facing these charges Poss.w/int.-Sch.VI .......Wpn - Dang. Fel-poss.w/int. ... Unl.Use Dr. Paraph how much time hes looking at.. is these charges federal ????
Kizza hey
Skylight hiii
Skylight haiiiiiiiiiiii
Skylight helloooooooooooooo
Skylight fknbrg
Skylight fdb
Skylight dfndgf
Skylight I'll be on here every friday around 12 am est
Skylight kay byeee
lisajcole Anyone here?
Adoration Key Do you know that I have never been here when anyone else has been here? Hey Skylight, what time is that in Minnesota?
Adoration Key Isn't that midnight?
Adoration Key This feels like driving into a ghost town where there's no one around. You drive drive the streets for a while and still no one anywhere. Eventually you see a light on in a shop at the end of a road. You drive up to the front door to find a note taped on it that reads... Went for supplies, be back in a couple of days, make yourself at home.
hafida hello
hafida im from holland
hafida and i wonder if anyone could help me
Guyon Trussell Hello anyone there need help
Justme Hello
Justme I need some help
Justme I own a frenshise company. But for a while have I have not showed all the real sells as tax would be so much. So sometimes I write on system have 3 orders and really have they found out I have being doing that and have more incomes because of that. What should I say to defend myself and keep my company as that is all I have now and I love working there as a owner
rajesh :smile:
Ashley1212 Hi... is anyone online right now?
sonam hello
sonam hello
sonam r u there?
Mimi anyone here?
Megbar is there anyone here?
wakky is anyone online to give advice on a dog attack mine was attacked in my backyard by a neighbours dog
Gia Can I get Some help
Meany Santos hey yall
Girl1282 Hi everybody :)
Girl1282 Somebody here? :)
madhusudan hello
Margreet1202 Hi :)
Reagan hello
Reagan hello
Hamda Hey
Hamda Hey
bobford71 Hello Eveyone. I'm new to the chat world. Simply would like to get to know some other believers in Loa
bobford71 Hello Everyone. New to the chat world. Thought maybe I'd look for a little assistance from some other LOA believers
bobford71 I've been struggling a bit as of late with the LOA. Had some things happen in my life and since then it all seems diffcult. Like starting over from square one.
bobford71 I currently have no one in my life that believes in the LOA, and the few people I do know just say it's hog wash. So I'm out to make some new friends and share some new experiences.
bobford71 Will be back here at 8:00pm if anyone would like to chat
kierra hey I need help please
Mansi I believe in LOA and i have manifested a lot of things with that
Mansi I feel i can still do more with this. But when things look stagnant
Mansi its a little difficult to move forward without motivation
Yancy Hello
Misty :blink:
Misty hey
center_of_eyes hello, if you need help
center_of_eyes it has arrived
Boopbechtold Hello any attorney online?
pensive I am looking for some help
bobford71 Hello Folks. Anyone out there
bobford71 Struggling to attract more money. I see evidence of things showing up, yet that seems to it.
bobford71 It's like attracting a new car. Been seeing lots of the same car around. Everywhere. Yet inspiration seems to ilude me
Ayoub Hello
Ayoub Any friend?
Timm anyone wanting to attract love
Timm helloooo
Timm helloooooooo
Timm is anyone out there in this universe or is it only me
Timm talk to me
bobford71 Hello
bobford71 How the heck do you me people on this chat line
bobford71 Hep..Please
Totti fast wt is loa
chritina hi everyone. ok so there is this guy I like and i know and I tried applying the loa . After doing that we seem to bump into each other alot . These meetings with him are very magical and unexpected and sometimes makes me nervous. It feels like everything is in slow motion right before I see him . I know the loa says you can't always attract specific people all the time. But do you think if it wasn't meant to be i would keep on seeing him?
chritina it is a concept where what you think and believe is what you have
Kelly32 am i all alone here?
chritina heya
Uzair Kelly
Uzair How r u
Misstee hello
Misstee anyone there?
samiblack58 hello
samiblack58 hi mistee
nimra im nimra
nimra hey
Neilbhatt hello
Neilbhatt Hello
Neilbhatt anybody here???
Neilbhatt :unhappy:
Manifestation12 Hello!
syd hi new to the chatroom
Rebelruger Hey guys
Rebelruger I'm new too
Rebelruger Hey you guys there?
Domax so many people
Domax wish ya'll happiness
Lilli hello IΒ΄m new here and my englisch sorry isnΒ΄t very well - so nobody ist here now and I thought I find a chat where I could learn more about the LOA
Lavon Hi,how is everyone
Ronald I am very happy
Ronald You attract to yourself the emotion you feel.
Ronald If you PERCEIVE you everything as Paradi
Ronald :smile:
pipUK hello
finis Greetings!
Stefania Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Jeremy Gaylord Does anyone know what can be done about unpaid wages?
Ronald Hello is anybody ready to chat
Ronald Hello is anybody ready to chat??
Snayvi Bhhh
Tynell Johnson I have some questions
rashith hey
Dawnn Karen is anyone here?
dredys Hello, i'm new
dredys hello!
Tynell Johnson how does loa work?
Blackbirdxx Hi People
Blackbirdxx how are you guys doing?
Blackbirdxx how is loa working for you guys?
jomisa to this chat room
jomisa looks like the room is empty....I'll come back later
cindydalgleish Hey guys how is it going? I am new to this room
Rajbright Hi there
Omkar Chitnis Hello
Omkar Chitnis Can anyone guide me how to you law of attraction for relationships?
Omkar Chitnis I am struggling with my relationships with close people around me. My father, my mum, my sister and even my girlfriend and her mother
Omkar Chitnis they hate me
Aaron First time getting a ticket. I got pulled over doing 80 on a 55. (it was at midnight. the reason I was going that fast : vehicles like to ride my bumper with their brights at the highest setting which almost caused me to wreck in the past.)
Sparkler You have to change your belief..feel love coming from them.envision a healthy relationship with these people
Queen182 Good day to all! I truly appreciate finding this chat room.
Queen182 Tynell, the basis of the LOA IS that "Like unto itself is drawn". What that means is that there is no, " No" in this Inclusive Universe. When you look at something and say, "Yes" to it, you include it in your Vibration, same thing when you say, "No" to something. Abraham-Hicks is the best Source to learn about the LOA!!
Queen182 Looking forward to meeting folks here! Have a great day, on purpose!!
Inzam Is there anybody
Inzam :wub:
silvana hello?
Queen182 Hey! How bout we make a time to meet here to chat? I am on the west let me know! Would truly enjoy that!! Have a great day on purpose!!
mmyers Jeremy you need to go to the work force department of your state and file a complaint. They can help you.
mmyers I have a question maybe you can help. I was hoping to explain what happened and see if there is anyway to salvage the major screw up I feel I did. Last aug I got a job offer. I had visualized making 60,000 by end of year. It was for 52,000. I also at the same time got offered a promotion with my company at 47,000. I took the promotion due to loyalty to the company. in Sept I got hurt and now they company has demoted me and cut my pay. I was hopign to see if there was any way to start over with this goal?
mmyers I am new to this kind of positive thinking and I am in a dark place. I know I need to be positive, but right now I feel as if I made a major mistake I can't fix. I need to know if I don't act on the right path is there a way to turn around and try again? Does this work that way or if I don't act is it gone forever?
Queen182 Everyday is a new beginning, so all is not lost. First order of business, rather dwell on the mistake, look for a take away, something you gained. I think you did a marvelous work attracting what you wanted. Tell yourself what a good thing you did and trust you can do it again. Each morning, take a moment and appreciate your bed, your pillow and feel the joy of those things. Tell yourself that today you will look for things to feel good about, even if there are only a few. As you githe
Queen182 As you do this, more things to feel good about, will come. Be easy with yourself, love yourself. Our emotions let us know if we are looking at the wanted or the unwanted. When we feel bad, to any degree, it is our indicated that we need to shift our focus to what is wanted. Plug into Abraham-Hicks, everyday!! Much love Q
Sreyashi Chatter Hi..I have completed my masters a couple of years back..and now I am thinking of going for higher studies. I really want to clear the entrance examinations and finally start with the studies.
Sreyashi Chatter I nees some suggestions and guidance as well
Sreyashi Chatter I have been watching loa videos for quite some time
Maygynn Hello, is anyone here?
Maygynn Darnit, I was hoping I could "attract" someone to speak to right now haha
texans anyone here?
sahil hi all
sahil m sahil here
sahil from chennai, india
sahil any one out there
bruce123 i am new XD
bruce123 and lonely :D
wildone hey everyone


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