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Monica Shows Is this a lawyer chat room?\
BitcoinREO No this is "Law of Attraction" chat..
Stacey Hello
BitcoinREO Good morning stacey
ashley567 hey
PajamaREO Afternoon..
ashley567 how are u
BitcoinREO Bored today
BitcoinREO Waiting on re-parse on website.. otherwise chillin
ashley567 im looking for a good chat site
BitcoinREO Positive here.. but quiet today
ashley567 are u the owner of this sit?
BitcoinREO Depends on what site your on..
BitcoinREO LOA is on many websites..
BitcoinREO is one of mine..
ashley567 are u owner of pal talk?
BitcoinREO The chat room itself is owned by someone else.. No.. Thats not one of mine.
ashley567 hey
BitcoinREO Mornng ashley
BitcoinREO hey there
jr.lethbridge surprised someone is actually here lol
jr.lethbridge How's it going?
BitcoinREO I placed this chat on all of my websites..
BitcoinREO sample..
jr.lethbridge Ok...
jr.lethbridge why?
BitcoinREO try and GET more people involved with LOA
BitcoinREO The more the merrier
jr.lethbridge Has it worked for you?
BitcoinREO yeah.. your here.. lol
jr.lethbridge Not from your website though
jr.lethbridge lol
BitcoinREO nah.. but watching my website I can meet people like you from other websites.
BitcoinREO I would LOVE to see more LOA'ers come back thru any website..
jr.lethbridge yea
jr.lethbridge so has LOA worked for you?
BitcoinREO I have used it for about 20+ years ..
BitcoinREO so yeah.. both good and bad..
jr.lethbridge wow, that's a long time
jr.lethbridge i'm pretty new to it
jr.lethbridge and some things have worked, little things
BitcoinREO I have manifested, money, homes, RV's, trips, etc.. but ALSO divorce, getting cheated on, and a few really bad things..
jr.lethbridge I have manifested a coffee lol and i have manifested not being able to get a job
BitcoinREO Yeah.. Have done that one too..
jr.lethbridge the coffee or the no job
BitcoinREO Both.. LOL ;)
jr.lethbridge haha
jr.lethbridge so how did you manage to manifest a job
BitcoinREO Seems to have gotten harder these last few years with everyone else around being sooo negative
BitcoinREO FEELING is the key...
jr.lethbridge It's true
jr.lethbridge I'm trying to feel it
jr.lethbridge but all i get are rejections! and it is soooooo discouraging
jr.lethbridge how do I get over that
BitcoinREO You can visualize all you want. but until you actually FEEL it.. well,
BitcoinREO your gonna get stuck with the same feeling attraction
jr.lethbridge see, I want to manifest $70,000 for a house downpayment
jr.lethbridge and \i have made a goal card, i get excited when I read it
jr.lethbridge and i have a vision board with a cheque on it
BitcoinREO You can visualize a fuel tank of gas in your car/truck all day long... But, until you can actually "Feel" the action pulling into a gas station, holding the gas pump, "smelling" the fuel going into the gas tank,"feeling" the gas pump handle vibrating while pumping.. "Hearing" the gas gurgling into the tank.. ALL 5x sense's..
BitcoinREO They dont explain very well HOW to use the secret... but it takes ALL 5x sense to manifest something..
jr.lethbridge so how do i get accustomed to that?
jr.lethbridge how do i practice it?
BitcoinREO Hearing/Seeing?Smelling/Feeling/KNOWING...
BitcoinREO Taseing.. but, I wouldn't want to taste fuel.. LOL
jr.lethbridge LOL
jr.lethbridge so what I have to eat a cheque lol
BitcoinREO Your trying to -visualize money.. right?
jr.lethbridge yes
jr.lethbridge always lol
BitcoinREO But chances are all you have done is try to "see" it in your mind.
jr.lethbridge yes, and tried to visualise myself being handed the money
BitcoinREO When your visualizing it.. what are you visualizing?
BitcoinREO ok..
BitcoinREO Whats it "FEEL" like in your hand?
jr.lethbridge it feels like paper
BitcoinREO Where are you when it happens you smelling? Hearing around you.. ? What ar
jr.lethbridge and feels exciting to hold
jr.lethbridge i am smelling my bedroom because thats where the cheque is
jr.lethbridge i usualy hear a train or traffic
BitcoinREO okay.. but 1st you said money.. then you said cheque
BitcoinREO they aren't the same
jr.lethbridge well doesnt a cheque represent money?
BitcoinREO nope.
BitcoinREO If your asking for a cheque.. Talk about getting a cheque/amount/whats it look like.. etc
BitcoinREO is a potato a tomato ??
jr.lethbridge so visualize a cheque that is worth $70,000?
jr.lethbridge lol no
BitcoinREO and it sure isn't a carrot.. but, both a potato and a carrot come from the ground.. both have green veggly leafy attachments.. etc..
BitcoinREO have to stay "focused" on WHAT it is you want
BitcoinREO What is it like to walk into the bank cashing the cheque..??
jr.lethbridge so if I want say, $100, I need to think about holding the hundred dollar bill, smelling it, feeling it, hearing it come out of the atm?
jr.lethbridge I dunno, ive never had the luxury of doing that lol!
BitcoinREO what does the bank smell like, what does the woman say when you are cashing the cheque or depositing..
BitcoinREO exactly..
jr.lethbridge she just asks if theres anything else
jr.lethbridge lol
BitcoinREO not just the "cash".. but Who/what/how/why/when/where.. etc
jr.lethbridge wow this stuff is hard lol
jr.lethbridge glad you are helping me
BitcoinREO If you are to go to the bank and withdrawl the $100 from the ATM.. you should be visualizing the "entire" scene surrounding the recieving "$100" cash in your mind.. from start to spending
BitcoinREO otherwise.. whats the point of the universe "giving" you the $100?4
jr.lethbridge so visualise pushing the buttons, hearing the atm give me the cash etc?
BitcoinREO well.. think about it this way...
BitcoinREO 1) Dio you believe a $100 bill will magically appear in your hand? or 2) that you will most likely have to go to the ATM to withdrawl a $100? which one is easier for you to believe in?
BitcoinREO Too many people try to make things magically "poof" appear in their hand just by opening their hand and thinking it should appear.
BitcoinREO Your subconscious knows that is NOT likely to happen
jr.lethbridge so how do I get money to just poof into my hands
jr.lethbridge or be given to me by a stranger
BitcoinREO Imagine a friend paying you back for money he/she borrowed..
BitcoinREO play the scene in your mind.. using all 5x sense..
jr.lethbridge so be in a quiet environment and try to visualise the entire scene
BitcoinREO it HAS to be something you can "believe" could actually happen
jr.lethbridge so say, for example, I want to find a $5.00 bill on the sidewalk
jr.lethbridge I should visualise me walking down the street, hearing the traffic, smelling the fresh air/car fumes, bending over to pick up the bill, feeling that bill in my hands and putting it in my wallet
BitcoinREO imagine the entire scene of walking down a road, sight/sound/smelling/etc..
BitcoinREO finding a $5 bill.. I have done that and found $1, $20, and a $100
BitcoinREO exactly..
jr.lethbridge I will try that for sure!
jr.lethbridge how long dis it take for you to find it?
BitcoinREO its NOT your concious mind that attracts it..
jr.lethbridge after you visualised it?
BitcoinREO Its your SUB-concious that attracts and manifests
BitcoinREO hmm.. as few as a couple of days and 1x took about 5 weeks.
BitcoinREO Thats 1x of the things the don't clarify very well.. about the LOA
jr.lethbridge wow
jr.lethbridge so it varies
BitcoinREO yeah.. there is NO set time or dates..
BitcoinREO The more you can believe, the faster it will attract.
jr.lethbridge so i can't say something like "by february 28, 2014, I will find $5.00 on the sidewalk"
BitcoinREO But NOT just thinking it will do..
jr.lethbridge brb
BitcoinREO sure.. IF you can "BELIEVE" it will actually happen..
BitcoinREO ever watch "peter pan" ??
BitcoinREO Shows and shows, movies upon moveis.. if you KNOW what to look for base ALOT of their story plot with things added in about "LOA".. and believing..
jr.lethbridge yes
BitcoinREO How does peter pan fly?
jr.lethbridge I just finished reading the book "the alchemist"
jr.lethbridge and it was great
BitcoinREO How did they bring tinker bell back to health?
jr.lethbridge he flies by believing he can
BitcoinREO alot of parents screwed their children up =nowadays by continiously repeating one thing raising them..
jr.lethbridge i dont remember lol
BitcoinREO tinker bell was getting ALL the children of the world to close thier eyes and say = "I believe in fairies.."
jr.lethbridge ahhhh yes
BitcoinREO parents = You have to 'work" hard to get anywhere in life.. But, they forget to tell children.. "Believe" and you can accomplish/recieve
jr.lethbridge thats exactly how I was raised
jr.lethbridge and it's soooo ingrained into my brain
BitcoinREO yeah.. and THATS what you have to UN-train..
jr.lethbridge that in order to make anything happen I need tow work exuberantly hard
jr.lethbridge how do I un-train it
BitcoinREO write, talk, speak, say and rewrite your subconscious
jr.lethbridge I have been trying to use subconcious videos on youtube
jr.lethbridge like repeated affirmations
jr.lethbridge so that i think in a certain way
jr.lethbridge which video should I watch
BitcoinREO He is really really good to listen too.. He has alot of good CD's
BitcoinREO Is a really good one
BitcoinREO another one is
jr.lethbridge Have these helped you
BitcoinREO Alot.. yes
BitcoinREO I listen to them 12 hrs aday when things are bad.
jr.lethbridge oh really
jr.lethbridge so what do you do as a job
BitcoinREO Webmaster.. BitcoinREO IS my business and job.. Its MY company
jr.lethbridge wow congrats
jr.lethbridge you invented bitcoin?
BitcoinREO 99% of those results are mine.. lol
BitcoinREO no-no..
jr.lethbridge wow, very impressive
BitcoinREO Satoshie Nakomoto invented Bitcoin.. I just added it to a concept to buying Real Estate.
jr.lethbridge smart
jr.lethbridge what does reo stand for?
BitcoinREO REO = Real Estate Owned .. meaning bank owned auction properties
jr.lethbridge ohhh cool
jr.lethbridge and you make a lot of money doing this yes?
BitcoinREO I BUY auction properties and flip into rental properties and collect rental
BitcoinREO ehhh.. some days.. lol
BitcoinREO but in a few years.. I'll have enough rentals to never have to work again..
jr.lethbridge nice nice
jr.lethbridge SO whats the best advice you can give to a new LOA user?
BitcoinREO Learn to "Believe" beyond what you see/hear ..
jr.lethbridge I will do that!
BitcoinREO Learn to "Believe" so you can see what YOU want in reality..
BitcoinREO Seeing is NOT believing.. Believing IS seeing what you want to have happen or NOT happen.. depnding on what you BELIEVE will or fear will happen
jr.lethbridge so I need to see feel myself holding the money
jr.lethbridge i need to smell the money
jr.lethbridge TASTE THE MONEY
BitcoinREO pretty much.. lol
BitcoinREO but also EVERYTHING about how/what/when/where and the entire scene of HOW
jr.lethbridge I really appreciate all of this
jr.lethbridge Thank you
BitcoinREO No prob.. I am here to help, share, talk, chat and hopefully receive some good vibes back
jr.lethbridge Well I think you will :)
jr.lethbridge you have really helped me
BitcoinREO See.. I just manifested/received $50 cash offer to change some lightbulbs for 30mins.. lol
BitcoinREO Why? because we were talking about manifesting cash in hand..
jr.lethbridge good lord
jr.lethbridge feel like sending that cash up to me! lol
BitcoinREO ahhh.. nope.
BitcoinREO lol lol :)
jr.lethbridge I guess I will just have to manifest my own cash then :P
BitcoinREO you can..
jr.lethbridge I can't wait to be a master at LOA like you
BitcoinREO I am NO master... I wish I was.
BitcoinREO I have my bad days too.
BitcoinREO I just found that helping others understand LOA and talking, staying happy helps to receive positive energy back.
jr.lethbridge yes definiately
jr.lethbridge ive had a rough couple of days
jr.lethbridge and you have really helped
jr.lethbridge I want to be just like bob proctor
jr.lethbridge christ, THAT guy is a freakin master
BitcoinREO Yeah.. I listen to him too.
BitcoinREO But as he says.. you have to find your OWN way of manifesting..
jr.lethbridge yea, and that's what im having difficulty with atm
BitcoinREO what country are you in?
jr.lethbridge Canada
jr.lethbridge and I'm assuming you are in the states
BitcoinREO yeah..
BitcoinREO try here..
jr.lethbridge very cool
jr.lethbridge I have to go now, but if you are still on when I get back I will talk then
jr.lethbridge Thank you for all of your help
jr.lethbridge I really appreciate it
BitcoinREO No prob.. come back anytime..
jr.lethbridge enjoy that 50 bucks you made while talking to me :P
BitcoinREO LOL.. I will after the day is over.
BitcoinREO Hey ashley
ashley567 hey how are u
BitcoinREO Another day.. another website.. lol
ashley567 ok i been not feeling good:(
BitcoinREO I am not surprised as your pregnant..
BitcoinREO You still need to talk to your mom..
ashley567 i know and my bf
BitcoinREO You still in school ?
ashley567 yes
ashley567 this site seems always dead
BitcoinREO For the moment.. most of them are..
BitcoinREO thats why I just sit here and wait
BitcoinREO Gonna shock your boyfriend.. be careful
ashley567 what other sites u go on
BitcoinREO,,,,, and about 12 dozen others.. lol
ashley567 wow
ashley567 single ?
BitcoinREO yeah.. Work too much. lol
ashley567 lives with mom and dad?
BitcoinREO Women dont like work-aholics.
BitcoinREO Nah.. I am 42 dear
jr.lethbridge Hey
ashley567 hey jr
ashley567 wow ur good liking
jr.lethbridge What's up
jr.lethbridge That stash is awesome
ashley567 but my bf is better liking
BitcoinREO not really.. just work too much.. lol
ashley567 look at my profile thats my pic
jr.lethbridge Hey Bit
BitcoinREO brb
ashley567 yup
ashley567 :cursing:
jr.lethbridge Hi Ashley
ashley567 see my pic
jr.lethbridge yes
BitcoinREO If I were younte.ger.. I would chase ya! your cu
BitcoinREO >> -cute
ashley567 lol
ashley567 im having a little one
BitcoinREO Just keep that thought in your mind..
BitcoinREO And you can stay happy..
BitcoinREO hey ashley
ashley567 hey
ashley567 hey
jr.lethbridge hey
jr.lethbridge How's it going?
emoskater hey
egbertftw hii
jake hellow
jake how are you?
jake hellow girls,,
hari hai
Newton Tsakpoe Hello
sparks Am I the only one here
lindaharry please try to contact me direct to my email address ok (lindaharry@live .com) thank you Linda
lindaharry please try to contact me direct to my email address ok (lindaharry@live .com) thank you Linda
Rushabh Sahare hello
Rushabh Sahare anyone thr?
christian amolo :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: hai
christian amolo hi .
kieran jones hi all...can anyone recomend a decent subliminal (or otherwise) system for aligning my concious and suconcious and higher self?
saqi any boyd there free, and he wana caht with me
saqi ddd
saqi :unhappy:
Al Esp hello
Al Esp First time in this one is logged in but im going to ask the question anyways hopefully someone will see it: i have a question on Expectations and being hopeful when it comes to trying to attract what the things you want in life
Al Esp i wanna be hopeful but i often wonder if just filled with expectiations
ojones16 i have a couple of legal questions
sanjaykannusamy hi i am sanjay
tarek2014 hello
tarek2014 am new here
tarek2014 no one here?
tarek2014 hello
ارمین2اف ام salm
saqi I AM HERE
saqi :glare:
saqi :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy:
saqi :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:
saqi :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:
saqi :bigtongue:
saqi :bigtongue: :bigtongue: :bigtongue: :bigtongue:
saqi :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
saqi HELLO
irish hello friend, i want to ask about loa- how it works!
irish ok goodbye
irish hello
irish :smile:
Adiltoktok Hello
Willyeast Hello
jamessmith if the cops find your cell phone in someone's car that was broken into but but you really didnt do it and they dont have prof you was in the car the only thing they have is the cell phone that was in the car can you be charged
utah hello
utah anybody here?
Sujay helloo..Sujay here from India..
Rick108 empty rooom ?
Rick108 mmm
sam501. can i ask a question
sam501. can i ask a question
Lacivert selam
Lacivert /clear
Lacivert ...
Gratitude Dancer Aloha Chat Room. Am visiting first time. Am interested in sharing gratitude for contrasts. I love my preferences and the rockets of desire that are born out of them.
ritika ggggggggggggggggg
ritika for sex cm private
ritika hello any waana sex chat
tewatia123 i fuk
tewatia123 i *** everyone here
tewatia123 ha ha hah ah a
tewatia123 teri ma ki chut
lollie23 hello room
davidknight344 kello
davidknight344 hi ritika
davidknight344 Im quite interested
davidknight344 lets get to it
kumarsivaji any one here
Sade Hello! :)
Deja Hello
Deja Prosperity now game! Give $100 Receive $800 You in?
Deja Prosperity now game! Give $100 Receive $800 You in?
MamaAmmie Hallo
MamaAmmie hello?
MamaAmmie Anyone there?
MamaAmmie [img]files/fa83ee781bf72443b6e4eb4195927e28.jpg[/img]
MamaAmmie no one?
MamaAmmie Hello
FlexBro Greetings
Willow hello
Daisy :D hello
tikkutikku hiii
tikkutikku im here
nirvi hiii
nirvi any 1 here
tikkutikku im here
nirvi lol
tikkutikku can u hear nirvi?
nirvi yes
tikkutikku im from india
tikkutikku r u from nepal?
nirvi how do u know?
nirvi i am new here
tikkutikku i just checked your profile ,,itz written der
nirvi cool
tikkutikku im also new to here,,just a couple of minute exprns
tikkutikku so similarities der right
tikkutikku ok let's talk
nirvi yes same origin
tikkutikku interested in sex chatting?
nirvi sure
tikkutikku i want 2 know more about bondage sex,,im crazy about it
tikkutikku hey do u hav a much slower net conct?
nirvi your gender plz?
tikkutikku im male 24,,u?
nirvi 25 male
tikkutikku ohhhh
nirvi how do i edit my profile..i want to change my country name
tikkutikku den ok bye
tikkutikku i think u need 2 re-register
tikkutikku helooooo
Basharat Hii
Basharat any1 here
Basharat hiii
Basharat Any1 herer
Bobby6969 Hello any opposite of a big brown athletic man?
Bobby6969 Hello ?
Regency hello
Hassan Supp
samuelh noone else here, what a shame
Madison hello
Madison [img]files/885ae6945f738573a80f4992b2795ceb.jpg[/img]
Madison haha lol
pikachu22 Is anyone a law of attraction expert that can help me?
BlazenBrian I won the lottery
BlazenBrian I won the lottery
BlazenBrian I won the lottery
BlazenBrian Wooooooooooooooooo
BlazenBrian Im rich @#$*!
BlazenBrian I won the Lottery
BlazenBrian I won the Lottery
BlazenBrian I won the Lottery
BlazenBrian Wooooooooooooo !
BlazenBrian Im rich !#*@(
sierraharalson i know of the law of attraction
Crystal Asi Loooove
reema hai
reema halow
reema hai
Iammantra I know a lot on the law of attraction if anyone needs help
Iammantra This is my website if you subscribe it is free you will recieve lots of tools and advice all for free
Iammantra or you can like my facebook page too if anyone needs help this is two ways of contacting me thanks
Curt86 is this room dead??
asia is anyone out there
asia is anyone out there
Aziz hello
ellegee hello?
daryl Hello there
sorena320 سلام ایرانی هست؟
tikkutikku anyone here
KillaRabbit hello
KillaRabbit no one seems to be usful!
Rockzie Hey!
Savbee88 Hi I have some question about the lawsuit
lilianali hey guys!
lilianali I have a question I need clarification on. So I am a college student. But I had the worst semester ever... twice. This year was awful. I promissed my self I was going to study better next semestre however I failed. I let my self down and everybody who supported me. I feel a mess. I need help
Rodrigodv I believe in the law of attraction! Then I thought: If every person who believes make a donation for all others who believe we'll be millionaires soon!Eu acredito na lei da atração !!!
Rodrigodv thanks a lot!!!! Sucess!!!!!
KillaRabbit As usual no help at all...AWSOME!
LoABianca Hello?
javad ایرانیییییییییییییییییی
javad سلام من ایرانی هستم
javad :vomit:
lonelygirl hello?
asiangirl hello
asiangirl hello
Jhaisen hello?
jennifermens hi all
jennifermens anybody here
jennifermens hi all
sofaryetsoclose hello?
jarp hello
jack64 hello everybody
jack64 do u want to talk jenifer
jack64 anybody there?
jack64 *** u all
mohammed sheriff hi any one clear my doubt
Ammm heloooooo
KillaRabbit Goddammit I can even see my own old posts!
KillaRabbit Dose anyone even USE this shit?
KillaRabbit I could SURE use some help!!!!!!
hunny hii
hunny anyone there??
hunny Go here it is really true and it works.....just watch the short presentation and see THE SECRET behind "the secret"
hunny >>>>>><<<<<<<
hunny by the way.....that was the most organised conversation i ever had
afrida hii
afrida is there anyone?
afrida any body there
Andrew.Vdk Anyone?
gggggggggggggggg hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
gggggggggggggggg hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
farhang hello
farhang hilonly girl
farhang is ther any one
farhang hi asian girl
dante hello
Jen600 Hi, Im new here. Have some questions on manifestation. Any one a novice on here at this time?
orion67 Hello
orion67 any1 there
SpellLover hello
SpellLover hello
jino hey
maksim seems no one here
vijaywinner any one here ?
vijaywinner hello ????
majid there is any person
majid like any grils
savita hi frnds
savita :confused:
savita :wub:
Samantha2015 Hello !
edward hello there
Melinda Segura does anyone know the law here in Oklahoma
Melinda Segura Hi everyone,I need some information about the law in OKlahoma I am need for some information for u haved a moment
Melinda Segura does anyone know where there is a chatroom thats about law
Steph143 Hello
Codry hello
Codry got a question
Codry why when I am all I can be vibrant optimistic my husband considers me inappropiate or wrong
Codry hey
unicorn hello
unicorn hello
محمد هلاممكن نتعرف
محمد هلا
محمد :happy:
محمد قبفلغاعتهنخ
Avito If i want to win a foreign lotto and i write the amount i want to win in my home currency will it do or i have to write the currency of the lotto on paper?
lexus avito, I'd suggest imagining you've already won the amount, feel that feeling, and hold onto it. Live in that feeling and then watch manifestation around you
lexus codry, perhaps your husband considers himself inappropriate or wrong. the eyes of fear see fear everywhere. The eyes of love see love everywhere.
blue_cherry hey lexus
Taylah Hey
lexus hey
lexus watching a movie on a sunday night with my lover
Taylah Nice
Taylah Nu thin
ATHUL anyone online?
ATHUL :bored:
alone boy pariiiiiii:how are you
mylove hi , i found you
J e hello everyone, im new here and im j e
J e hello everyone
Shomronim hello
Shomronim anyone there
Shomronim :biggrin:
Brendan Hello
sabeen hello
sabeen any law student?
AzTee Hi!
Greatgirl Hello?
Mike Wilkinson any law of attraction tips?
Mike Wilkinson you get what you believe
Crystalis i need a lawyer!!!!!!!!
aarib i m new user here anyone like friendship with me
tonerose24 hi tol all
tonerose24 pme if interstd
activebone hello to all
Lee-Anne Hello :)
Lee-Anne hello
Verdiana heyy
Verdiana anyone there?
Iammantra Hello everyone
Verdiana hi!
Iammantra How are you
Verdiana finally someone :)
Verdiana very good
Iammantra Do you follow the law of attraction
Verdiana and you?
Verdiana yes i do
Verdiana what about you?
Iammantra I run a website and a facebook pae helping people for free that need help or advice, I have transformed my life using the law of attraction
Verdiana me too :)
Verdiana but i 'm here because i need a help
Iammantra Would you like to join my face book page then and tell me what you need help with all you have too i like the page
Iammantra You an also ad me as a friend on faceook
Verdiana i prefer to have privacy
Verdiana Its a problem for you?
Verdiana is it
Verdiana where are you from?
Iammantra Ok I only offer my advice and help through face book, sorry, I understand though I have over 3.5 people on my site and help lots of them
Iammantra I am from Ireland
Verdiana similar flag ;)
Verdiana ok ,let me give a look
Verdiana ok ,done it :)
Iammantra Great Thank you so just PM me on facebook and tell me what you need help with
Verdiana thanks!
sofie hello
sofie hello
umumum anyone??
psc2350 hello
psc2350 what type of chat room is this?
Justice8 hi, anyone here?
Justice8 no?? :-(
Justice8 Ok, so this message is to Iammantra. I've just sent you a message on your facebook site, would You please get me back once You have a chance? Thanks.
Rachel0981 Hey you guys, does anyone know how to clear subconscious beliefs?
Rachel0981 I've been trying to use the LoA, but my subconscious beliefs have been holding me back for so long...
DebbiePT Rachel0981 i have same problem
DebbiePT subconscious is stronger than conscience In my opinion
jadydepse i know how to clear subcounscious limits
jadydepse for the next 60 days, 5 minutes a day say out loud affirmations. By repeating and believing in what you are saying these affirmations will get into your sub. mind even without u noticing it. Make sure these affirmations are the opposite of ur current limitating beliefs.
jadydepse Also make sure not to add more limitations into your subconscious mind
Travis2014 Hello people how u doing
Codry hey
Codry hey


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