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gggggggggggggggg hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
gggggggggggggggg hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
farhang hello
farhang hilonly girl
farhang is ther any one
farhang hi asian girl
dante hello
Jen600 Hi, Im new here. Have some questions on manifestation. Any one a novice on here at this time?
orion67 Hello
orion67 any1 there
SpellLover hello
SpellLover hello
jino hey
maksim seems no one here
vijaywinner any one here ?
vijaywinner hello ????
majid there is any person
majid like any grils
savita hi frnds
savita :confused:
savita :wub:
Samantha2015 Hello !
edward hello there
Melinda Segura does anyone know the law here in Oklahoma
Melinda Segura Hi everyone,I need some information about the law in OKlahoma I am need for some information for u haved a moment
Melinda Segura does anyone know where there is a chatroom thats about law
Steph143 Hello
Codry hello
Codry got a question
Codry why when I am all I can be vibrant optimistic my husband considers me inappropiate or wrong
Codry hey
unicorn hello
unicorn hello
محمد هلاممكن نتعرف
محمد هلا
محمد :happy:
محمد قبفلغاعتهنخ
Avito If i want to win a foreign lotto and i write the amount i want to win in my home currency will it do or i have to write the currency of the lotto on paper?
lexus avito, I'd suggest imagining you've already won the amount, feel that feeling, and hold onto it. Live in that feeling and then watch manifestation around you
lexus codry, perhaps your husband considers himself inappropriate or wrong. the eyes of fear see fear everywhere. The eyes of love see love everywhere.
blue_cherry hey lexus
Taylah Hey
lexus hey
lexus watching a movie on a sunday night with my lover
Taylah Nice
Taylah Nu thin
ATHUL anyone online?
ATHUL :bored:
alone boy pariiiiiii:how are you
mylove hi , i found you
J e hello everyone, im new here and im j e
J e hello everyone
Shomronim hello
Shomronim anyone there
Shomronim :biggrin:
Brendan Hello
sabeen hello
sabeen any law student?
AzTee Hi!
Greatgirl Hello?
Mike Wilkinson any law of attraction tips?
Mike Wilkinson you get what you believe
Crystalis i need a lawyer!!!!!!!!
aarib i m new user here anyone like friendship with me
tonerose24 hi tol all
tonerose24 pme if interstd
activebone hello to all
Lee-Anne Hello :)
Lee-Anne hello
Verdiana heyy
Verdiana anyone there?
Iammantra Hello everyone
Verdiana hi!
Iammantra How are you
Verdiana finally someone :)
Verdiana very good
Iammantra Do you follow the law of attraction
Verdiana and you?
Verdiana yes i do
Verdiana what about you?
Iammantra I run a website and a facebook pae helping people for free that need help or advice, I have transformed my life using the law of attraction
Verdiana me too :)
Verdiana but i 'm here because i need a help
Iammantra Would you like to join my face book page then and tell me what you need help with all you have too i like the page
Iammantra You an also ad me as a friend on faceook
Verdiana i prefer to have privacy
Verdiana Its a problem for you?
Verdiana is it
Verdiana where are you from?
Iammantra Ok I only offer my advice and help through face book, sorry, I understand though I have over 3.5 people on my site and help lots of them
Iammantra I am from Ireland
Verdiana similar flag ;)
Verdiana ok ,let me give a look
Verdiana ok ,done it :)
Iammantra Great Thank you so just PM me on facebook and tell me what you need help with
Verdiana thanks!
sofie hello
sofie hello
umumum anyone??
psc2350 hello
psc2350 what type of chat room is this?
Justice8 hi, anyone here?
Justice8 no?? :-(
Justice8 Ok, so this message is to Iammantra. I've just sent you a message on your facebook site, would You please get me back once You have a chance? Thanks.
Rachel0981 Hey you guys, does anyone know how to clear subconscious beliefs?
Rachel0981 I've been trying to use the LoA, but my subconscious beliefs have been holding me back for so long...
DebbiePT Rachel0981 i have same problem
DebbiePT subconscious is stronger than conscience In my opinion
jadydepse i know how to clear subcounscious limits
jadydepse for the next 60 days, 5 minutes a day say out loud affirmations. By repeating and believing in what you are saying these affirmations will get into your sub. mind even without u noticing it. Make sure these affirmations are the opposite of ur current limitating beliefs.
jadydepse Also make sure not to add more limitations into your subconscious mind
Travis2014 Hello people how u doing
Codry hey
Codry hey
Chantel hello, yay, am so glad i found this website/chat room. does anyone wanna chat?
Chantel hello everyone.
Dillon@michigan Anything about Corruption in the goverment and violation of Citezn's rigts?
Dillon@michigan Anyone from America?
Richard Stephani Hai friends
DaveFromOregon no one here of course
happyone hello anyone there?
happyone new here
happyone i think the power of attraction works harder when shared with people
happyone what have u guys attracted?:)
DeeperMeaning111 Deep Vibrations - is on the Apple App store finally. Peace.
DeeperMeaning111 Deep Vibrations - is on the Apple App store finally. Peace.
dream hi everyone
Torreto hey
Tedmond hello
Tedmond is this a chat room about law ?
Garfarelli1 Hey does this chatroom get used alot?
Alabar I am reading book by Phil Chapman. It is called Medicine Fire. The further I get in (I'm on book three of the trilogy) the more I see that this guy "get's" The LOA. Anybody else read it? Am I right?
Verdiana hi,anyone?!
greekguy hello
Verdiana hey
greekguy ηευ
greekguy hey
Verdiana hi grek ,how are you?
greekguy im fine how about you
Verdiana good , I'll go out really soon,are you good with LOA ?
greekguy a little bit.. i am trying to accomplish something i really want with loa
greekguy do you think that it's possible to attract a specific person with loa?
Verdiana if you want to talk better add me on skype,verdy xwtq
missnana hey everyone
greekguy hello
missnana where all you all from ? ^^
greekguy im from greece
Verdiana italy
Verdiana but i live around the world
greekguy hey again
Verdiana hey
Verdiana so , i can help you if you need
Verdiana i had a lot of result for the same thing
greekguy really??
Verdiana (the only thing that i really whant)
Verdiana *want
Verdiana yes
Verdiana i have got an amazing story also
Verdiana but you don t have to do the same mistakes that i ve done
greekguy well.. i started loa a few days ago for a specific girl..
greekguy for the first 2 days i felt really happy.. but now i think i'm loosing it
Verdiana now i have to go to work
greekguy wait.. can you help me to do this right?
Verdiana it s normal ,but try to dont loose focus
greekguy focus on the desire?
Verdiana yes , belive in it
greekguy so i have to believe that me and her are going to be together
Verdiana you have to trust deeply
greekguy i think that the first days i didn't lose focus because i met the specific person
Verdiana but you cant have something that is the opposite of you
greekguy what do you mean?
Verdiana like in principles
Verdiana you have to be a similar vibration
greekguy i still don't get it
Verdiana a) free will of her
Verdiana b) you have to understand if you want that person because of your ego ,or beacause you really love her
greekguy i want this person because when i first met her i felt something strong.. it's not ego
Verdiana c)you have to be able to don t be attached at the desire
Verdiana if you really trust in that feeling
greekguy what do you mean not being attached at the desire?
Verdiana you have to be the fist that think that "the universe" is going to give you the best ,always
Verdiana if is not her ,you where really close
greekguy ι σεε
greekguy i see
Verdiana now, i know that you want her , not someonelse
greekguy yes
Verdiana i need to know more
Verdiana but i can t now
Verdiana i must go
greekguy when can we talk??
Verdiana you can add me on skype if you want
Verdiana verdy xwtq
greekguy οκ
greekguy can you give me you skype name?
greekguy i'll add you
Verdiana yes
Verdiana ok , now i 'm going!! it was a pleasure , the fact that you are talking with me is a very good sign for you
greekguy i added you
Verdiana you ll understand ;)
greekguy we will talk on skype.. see ya
Verdiana see yaa
Verdiana hi daisy!
Verdiana how are you?
Verdiana ok,the morning is the est moment to do visualization
Khan yes
Mollie wow hi
Mollie It's good to speak with like minded people
Mollie Is there anyone here now?
Verdiana hey
Verdiana good morning Mollie
Verdiana hi!
Verdiana how are you?
meeta m gud
meeta wat about you
Verdiana very good thanks :)
meeta u have interest in law of attraction
Verdiana yep, I am a master manifesting
meeta wow
meeta thats great
Verdiana yes , i know :)
meeta where are you from?
Verdiana italy
Verdiana and you?
meeta I am from India
Verdiana that 's great
Verdiana where about?
meeta How old are you
meeta i am 26
Verdiana and you?
Verdiana are you goo with LOa?
meeta yes
meeta i have manifested things when i don't think more about them
Verdiana do you think that there are similar tihngs between induism and LOA?
Verdiana what did you manofest?
meeta yes
Verdiana what?
Verdiana hey
defan :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
defan how are you guys
Verdiana good ,and you?
defan funk
defan ***
LUVLAX hi room
LUVLAX room is for law of attraction
LUVLAX manifistation
gunu hey guys
gunu would u like to chat with me?
gunu anybody here?
LoveRose888 Hi, anyone here ?
XiLy Hi!
XiLy Hi!
Secretrach Hello?
monty1212 hello there
monty1212 first time here, anyone here?
Golden Seems there's never two people here at the same time.
rchopzy hello pplzz
rchopzy I registered here cos I wanna clarify few things abt loa
rchopzy can any one help?
Dhanu hi Tere
Dhanu there*
Zensnowboarder First time
tuga19 hey
Shan Do I have to be 18 to move out
Shan Do I have to be 18 to move out
Tiffany Hey
Nat_127 hey
Sanra hi there
Masho Hello?
Agnelo Just found this site today. :) Hello people!! :)
Agnelo Is this room dead?
SpiritualQuantum If anyone needs helps and tips , can contact me! ( for a free individual session!!! ) Love , Namastè
Agnelo anyone around?
maddyy0914 hi, this is maddyy
SpiritualQuantum Hi maddy
maddyy0914 hi dear
SpiritualQuantum how are you?
SpiritualQuantum If you need help with LOA , you can contact me for a free individual session!
honey55555 hie
SpiritualQuantum hi!
honey55555 :smile:
SpiritualQuantum how are you?
honey55555 fine
SpiritualQuantum hi!
stephanye im new here...
SpiritualQuantum so, welcome!!
SpiritualQuantum Are you good with LOA?
stephanye been believing in LOA before i even new what to call it
stephanye yes...
stephanye ive been practicing it since my teens
SpiritualQuantum what is the most amazing thing that you ever attract?
stephanye a man
stephanye also a new career
SpiritualQuantum aspecific one?
stephanye i was specific about the the criteria for this new career....but no the career itself...cuz i didnt even know of its existence
SpiritualQuantum I 'm talking about your man :D
stephanye same thing....i was specific about the criteria for this man.....and then i met him
stephanye we are now best friends
stephanye what abotu you?
SpiritualQuantum I use to attract a lot of trips
SpiritualQuantum free vouchers to fly everywhere
SpiritualQuantum amazing jobs
SpiritualQuantum a specific person
SpiritualQuantum and I realized many dreams that I had :D
stephanye sounds like lots of fun!
SpiritualQuantum That is why I started to help others :D
SpiritualQuantum yes !!
stephanye would you agree that....
SpiritualQuantum I spent last year around the world
SpiritualQuantum doing only amazing thing :D
stephanye would you agree that your dreams are realized when you become "emotional" about them?
SpiritualQuantum you need to figh against your fears
stephanye for me..... that seems to be a fast forward button for manifestation
SpiritualQuantum private?
Jo789 Is anyone there
SpiritualQuantum yep
Jo789 Hi there, this is my first time n the chat room
SpiritualQuantum welcome!!
SpiritualQuantum where are you from?
Jo789 UK North of England. And you?
SpiritualQuantum Italy
Jo789 That's good.
Jo789 Do you have a problem. Or a success story?
SpiritualQuantum are you good with loa?
SpiritualQuantum both
SpiritualQuantum what about you?
Jo789 I am struggling with a live in relationship that I want to end, but he won't go!,
SpiritualQuantum do you want to talk in private?
Jo789 LOA say to focus on the good things and he'll either move away or change to what you want, but it isn't happening
Jo789 No I'm OK with this forum
SpiritualQuantum how long is that you are trying^
Jo789 3 months
SpiritualQuantum did you do something?
Jo789 Only ask him to leave
SpiritualQuantum 3 months are not long time
Jo789 Tell me your stories
SpiritualQuantum but I can understand that is a bad situation
SpiritualQuantum maybe you have to work on your previous ideas
SpiritualQuantum I always used Loa better than others
SpiritualQuantum without knowing that law
Jo789 Tell me how loa has worked for you
SpiritualQuantum but when I started to apply it seriously in my life
SpiritualQuantum it was just like put gasoline on fire! :D
Jo789 Tell me
SpiritualQuantum what do you want to know exactly?
Jo789 Give me an example
SpiritualQuantum ( sorry for mistakes, but english is not my first language! :D )
SpiritualQuantum I always recive free tickets to travel
SpiritualQuantum voucher
SpiritualQuantum money
Jo789 It's ok I understand. I'm interested to hear of what you did
SpiritualQuantum i founf a lot of thing that i need in amazing way
SpiritualQuantum ohh
SpiritualQuantum I started to looking inside myself
SpiritualQuantum looking for what i really wanted from my life
SpiritualQuantum and who really i am
SpiritualQuantum and i realize all the things that i always wanted to do but i was to afraid
SpiritualQuantum to do
SpiritualQuantum and i started from that
SpiritualQuantum my fear
SpiritualQuantum but is along journey :D
SpiritualQuantum now I help people with loa
SpiritualQuantum what about you?
Jo789 How long did it take you?
SpiritualQuantum really ? to understand and see the difference?
SpiritualQuantum one night
SpiritualQuantum the day after as amazing
SpiritualQuantum unreal
SpiritualQuantum a from that
Jo789 And when did you see results?
SpiritualQuantum in one month i was travelling around the worl
SpiritualQuantum australia
SpiritualQuantum indonesia
SpiritualQuantum malesia
SpiritualQuantum holland
SpiritualQuantum now I'm back in italy to recive degree and publish my first book
SpiritualQuantum it was some years ago
SpiritualQuantum I travelled for years
Jo789 So what did you focus on?
SpiritualQuantum what abput you?
SpiritualQuantum tell me something!
Jo789 I have been struggling with this bad relationship for 7 years
SpiritualQuantum If you want , you can conctact me for an individual session
SpiritualQuantum or a personal program
Jo789 Only found LOA recently
SpiritualQuantum how old are you?
SpiritualQuantum what do you know abut loa?
SpiritualQuantum you have to know that is very close to the law of karma
Jo789 To focus on what you want to happen
SpiritualQuantum with loa you accellerate everything
SpiritualQuantum yes, but is not only that
SpiritualQuantum you have to change yourself
SpiritualQuantum to see something changing in your life
Jo789 And what do you do about the man still there, in the meantime?
SpiritualQuantum do you live together?
Jo789 Yes
SpiritualQuantum why are you waiting?
SpiritualQuantum that HE leave?
Jo789 It's my house
SpiritualQuantum give him a time
SpiritualQuantum to go
SpiritualQuantum (?!)
SpiritualQuantum what do you want ?
SpiritualQuantum from your life?
SpiritualQuantum are you ready to do everything to be happy?
Jo789 Be done that, but he doesn't go.
SpiritualQuantum beacouse only in that ay the ubiverse can help you
SpiritualQuantum call the police
Jo789 Is that loa
SpiritualQuantum I 'm preatty sure
SpiritualQuantum that you need your time
SpiritualQuantum and this thing is going to be difficult with this man always around
Jo789 May need to do that
SpiritualQuantum can you find a way to relax yourself
SpiritualQuantum meditate?
Jo789 Not with him there
SpiritualQuantum you need to raise you vibration first
SpiritualQuantum go to the park
SpiritualQuantum stay in nature
Jo789 Good idea
SpiritualQuantum do the thing that you really like
SpiritualQuantum do you know, like little things
SpiritualQuantum little things that you always anted to do
Jo789 Thank you so much but I need to leave right now
SpiritualQuantum like try a new flavour of icecream in a new bakery
SpiritualQuantum or u
SpiritualQuantum you know
SpiritualQuantum if know that you need it
SpiritualQuantum do it
SpiritualQuantum that is law of attrACTION
SpiritualQuantum what is around you is what do you grant yourself to recive
gayathri hi all
SpiritualQuantum hi!
gayathri hw r u ?
SpiritualQuantum very very good , and you?
SpiritualQuantum but very very very good!!
gayathri yeah am gud too..:) thank u
SpiritualQuantum where are you from?
gayathri am from andhra pradesh n wbu?
gayathri andhra pradesh,india n u?
SpiritualQuantum I guess India
SpiritualQuantum Italy
gayathri ohh okay
SpiritualQuantum I use to meet a lot of people from india in this chat
gayathri okay :)
SpiritualQuantum i think becauose of induism
gayathri so u believe in law of attraction?
SpiritualQuantum maybe you are more open to some point of view
SpiritualQuantum yep
gayathri what were ur experiences wid it so far?
SpiritualQuantum a lots
SpiritualQuantum *lot
gayathri well,can u tell me one/
SpiritualQuantum free tickets
SpiritualQuantum to travel
SpiritualQuantum always
SpiritualQuantum people
SpiritualQuantum situation
SpiritualQuantum relationship
SpiritualQuantum jewels
SpiritualQuantum food
SpiritualQuantum money
gayathri ohh actually i am here to seek some help ragarding LOA
SpiritualQuantum i 'm a coah
SpiritualQuantum *coach
SpiritualQuantum maybe I can help you
gayathri ohh thanks in advance :)
gayathri well shall i tell my problem?
Seth Paddack any lawyers present
Seth Paddack anybody
HappinessTalks Hello.
Ryley :huh:
Ryley anyone
TanyaBose hi Ryley
neteffect hi welcome co-creators :P i'm going away from keyboard (AFK) and will be back later. hope your'e well.
jstew222 hey
neteffect hmmm not many chatters here
Tuan could you tell me if a person can live forever if he belive like that ?
neteffect hello!
neteffect how are you doing tuan
Tuan :-)
neteffect tuan stay
neteffect damn it
neteffect you keep leaving
neteffect stay and co create
Tuan sorry, i am busy and will talk to you later
neteffect ah excellent
Bablu Sharma Law of attraction is REAL
neteffect hi bablu
neteffect oh yeah? what experience have you had with it?
neteffect i am somewhat new to it
neteffect i am listening to the abraham hicks teachings things
Bablu Sharma that's great !
Bablu Sharma Decide WHAT YOU WANT !
Bablu Sharma BE SPECIFIC
neteffect a wealthy income, is that specific enough?
neteffect or more specific?
Bablu Sharma BE SPECIFIC
Bablu Sharma AMOUNT?
neteffect over 50k then
neteffect for now
Bablu Sharma Then Visualize
Bablu Sharma as it has already happned
Bablu Sharma Feel the joy, happiness,
Bablu Sharma m also trying for LOA
neteffect fantastic
Bablu Sharma well, where do you belong to?
neteffect im in florida here. where r u
Bablu Sharma India
neteffect neat
Bablu Sharma neat?
neteffect how long have you been practicing the law of attraction?
neteffect yes neat. i like india. :D
Bablu Sharma 1 month now
Bablu Sharma What is your real name?
neteffect i am not gonna say it now
neteffect how is your weather over there?
neteffect is it cold, hot, humid?
Bablu Sharma Cold now
neteffect ah it is so nice now in florida. for the season.
neteffect yeah i have been listening to abraham hicks. do you listen to that?
neteffect heh well!
DreamCatcher Hello Tuan
Tuan coulld you tell me how long have you known the LOA ?
DreamCatcher for quite a while, years
Tuan :), what do you think about that ?
DreamCatcher Hey I have to go. Feel free to ask me questions at:
DreamCatcher Best to you!
Tuan thank you
creeestal helloooo
daniellewish no one on line?
jaimee hey
nancyk hello
Stanley Martina hoi
cloud99 Happy Friday everyone!
mustache hello
Jose_1000 Hello!
Jose_1000 i am new here
Jose_1000 i was wondering if you could help me with some advice about LOA
apurva anyone online?
poojausa anyone online?
naveens hiiiiii
naveens can any1 help me with a problem
leslie is anyone there
RAGHAVENDRA Dear Sir/Madam. We have taken loan form SBI bank under kisan credit card scheme of Rs.15000/- as crop loan and Rs.380000/- as building construction loan on 2006 And till date we are not paid this amount ,now bank people are asking Rs.1600000/- other wise we will go for court , Kindly guide us for further process .
RAGHAVENDRA is anyone there
sateesh hi there
Meavus Hey everyone I'm using the secret to lose weight any advice im not sure I know what I'm doing here 😁
Reem helloo
Vishal06 Hey everyone!
Vishal06 How're y'all doin?
eleven-girl hey
eleven-girl guys how are you?
eleven-girl hey visha
eleven-girl hey reem
molly I can help with a problem
molly Meavus...weight loss, look at your history of your beliefs about your body and what your current eating patterns are and how you feel about having a sexy bod
claudioaudio hello everybody. My 1st post. I have a question that no google search seems to be answering
eggs35 hello i got a legal question
Bobbie Someone gave me genital warts what can be done about this
star123 Can a company succeed in court against a person for breach of contract due to an injury??


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